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Internal Skip-a-Pay

This form is for internal use only. 

You can submit this form on a member's behalf and leave a note for the processing team at the bottom. Please do not enter Member Number. If member has no email on file, use their CRM ID

Eligibility and Requirements*:
  • Must be an active member with at least $10 in Share Account.
  • The loan must have existed for at least nine (9) months before it is eligible.
  • All deposit accounts must have a positive balance.
  • All Leaders Credit Union loans must be current.
  • Must not have been delinquent on any Leaders loan in the past 12 months (30 days overdue).
  • Loans secured by Real Estate, overdraft loans or any line of credit (including Leaders credit cards) are ineligible for a payment skip.
General information:
  • One skip-a-payment is allowed per loan one time per calendar year.
  • The $35 fee will be deducted from your savings or checking account. Check or cash can be accepted if applying in person at one of our branch locations.
  • The $35 fee will be taken at the time the skip is approved. If the account balance does not have enough funds to take the fee, the skip will be denied.
  • If approved, the current month due will be skipped. If you want to skip a future month, please wait until the due date reflects the month you want to skip.
  • Interest will continue to accrue during the month the payment is skipped.
Auto Draft/ACH Payments (this does not apply if loan payments are made by cash or check):
  • If an auto draft payment was set up by the member in online banking, it is the member's responsibility to stop the auto draft for the skip month.
  • If a monthly ACH payment was originated (set up by) another financial institution (FI), it is the member's responsibility to contact the other FI to stop the ACH for the skip month.
  • If Leaders originated the ACH to pull from another FI, Leaders will stop the ACH for the skip month. Leaders must have five (5) days prior notice to stop an ACH.
  • If the loan payment is made through direct deposit or payroll deduction, the payment will be deposited to the member's savings or checking account.
Skip-a-Pay Form
For internal use only
To apply for a loan payment skip on member's behalf, all fields must be completed.

For internal use only